Where to travel in Myanmar during rainy season

Traveling during the rainy season in Myanmar is perhaps not the best for most tourists but there are some good reasons too. So we have come up with why and where to visit in Myanmar during rainy season?

1. Fresher atmosphere – You can enjoy the fresh and green environment

2. Mild weather – The weather is cool so your skin and eyes are comfortable

3. Cheaper prices – The hotel rates are cheaper

4. Lesser tourists – There is obviously lesser tourists even in popular travel destinations

In Myanmar, rainy season starts from June to October. In July and August, the monsoon rain is usually the highest. But in the later months of the rainy season, it rains normally less.

Come rain or come shine, there are some beautiful places you can visit in Myanmar during the rainy season. Okay, let’s start exploring.

Inle Lake in rainy season
Inle Lake in Rainy Season the water is still clear

Inle Lake

To me, Inle is like a Venice of Myanmar and the best time to visit Inle lake is in late rainy season. And, you can either rent a boat when it doesn’t rain or take a deep relax in the bungalows around the lake when it rains.

Best things to do in Inle lake is travelling on a boat trip, enjoying a spectacular​ view​ of the boatman rowing oar with just their legs,​ floating​ houses and​ plantation. But don’t forget to visit the markets too!

The boat trip is around 1 hour drive in the lake. Feel the pleasant fresh breeze while enjoying boat trip. Next to Bagan, the lake is also famous for sunrise and sunset! There are a lot of traditional things around there. Don’t forget to take pictures.It will be a treasure memories to look after whenever you missed the time.

Royal Palace and Shwe Kyaung are two must-visit places in Mandalay


We all know Mandalay’s weather is too hot. But when you visit in rainy season, the cool atmosphere and green sceneries will greet you. There are a lot awesome places to visit. Enjoying the panoramic view of Mandalay Palace from the top of the tower is a great experience.

Next, visit the mandalay hill. Because, the view from the top is amazing and the walk up is nice at sunset. After that, Monks on the top try to talk to you and improve their English. If you plan to catch sunset there, be sure to set off your way up early in the morning. I am sure you will have fun.

Shwenandaw Monastery is another great place to visit. It is a very old and ancient wooden monastery. Recommend to visit the place early in the morning or if not possible during lunch time to avoid loud and rude travel groups. The place is worth to stay quiet to enjoy the old art. Tourists are not allowed to touch the wooden arts. There is a entrance fee of 10000 Kyats.

Mrauk U Temples
Mrauk U temples are beautiful in a different way from Bagan

Myauk U

A truly great place to visit next to Bagan. Myauk U an ancient city founded by Arakan(Nowadays Rakhine) Kindom. The city is surrounded by hills and is known as stone city because of its stone-made temples. The best sunrise spot in Myauk U is Shin Mra War Pagoda and if you have time other temples are also worth visiting such as Koe thaung temple, Shai thaung temple, Andaw Thein temple, Htukkanthein temple, Shwe taung pagoda, Sanda Muni Pagoda, Sakya Man Aung Pagoda. You can walk from temple to temple.

So what is the difference between Myauk U and Bagan?

  1. Myauk U is surrounded by hills where Bagan is a plain land.
  2. Temples in Myauk U are mostly rock-made and black.
  3. In Myauk U, the environment is greener and weather is cooler.
  4. Bagan temples are beautiful from the outside but Myauk U temples are reverse.
  5. Mrauk U was a country of Rakhine people and the empire fall after invasion of Burmese empire in 18th century. Read more about Mrauk Kingdom.
Bagan Sunset in Rainy Season
Bagan Sunset in the mid September (View from man made hill near Sulamani Pagoda)


Last but not least, most travel bloggers recommend that Bagan is the number one place to travel in Myanmar during rainy season. Because, in summer or cold season, Bagan is usually scorching plain which makes really tiring especially if you travel on foot. Let me highlight some of my favorite places (hidden gems) to visit in Bagan.

  1. Phayar Thone Hsu (Min Nan Thu Village)
    • Payar Thone Hsu is located in Min Nan Thu Village which is a few kilometers away from Bagan. Because, the paintings in the temples there are very interesting and considered to be painted in the late Bagan era.
  1. The street near Tham Bu La Pagoda (Min Nan Thu Village)

There is a shady street surrounded by green trees on both sides when you visit Tham Bu La Pagoda in Min Nan Thu Village. After that, you can take a horse card and take amazing photos with the beautiful street.

Tharabar Gate

The gate is the very first place when you enter the ancient Bagan city. In rainy season, the gates looks more ancient and it is cool to take awesome photos. In other words, Tharabar means shield against arrows. It is believed that two guardian spirits protect the gate and you can find their statues at the front.

Well these are all great places to visit especially in the rainy season. If you have more experiences or ideas, drop your comment below.

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