Find Haunted Temples in Bagan

Haunted Temple in Bagan

Every temple in Bagan has an interesting history. There are so many myth surrounding the haunted temples in Bagan on social media. Let’s explore about temples with an unusual history which people think it is haunted.

Some photographers report that they accidentally capture the images of ancient general or some ghost in a photo taken at night in Bagan.

Some report that they have seen some people with ancient royal dress who were walking around the haunted temples around the ancient city when the night falls.

Since the ancient kings enshrined gold and treasures inside the temples, they also put some horrible curses on stones against those who steal the treasures.

Disclaimer for this blog – some stories mentioned in this blog is based on the popular stories on social media and is not based on the my experience.

Dhammayangyi Temple

Dhammayangyi Temple

The most spine-chilling temple, Dhammayangyi was built by King Narathu to show his regret for having killed his father and his brother and wife to usurp the throne. However, he also was assassinated before the this temple was completely built. And because of the horrifying story, the local people named it “The Ghost Temple”.

When I visited the temple, I first noticed that the compound is the largest of all temples in Bagan. Big walls surround the temple, and gates from four sides. The temple itself is massive – and very well laid out in terms of concentric structures. There are no signs of ghosts or spirits.

On a sunny day you can enjoy some very good views of the surrounding area. And there is a couple of vantage points near the rear of the temple area for good photos.

Despite the hot weather, the inside of the temple is cold and the wild breeze from the outside runs inside the temple through the doors. When it is so hot, the floor outside the temple may burn your feet.

Seinnyet Ama Temple and Pagoda

Sein Nyet Sisters Temple

Another temple has myths all over social media which is believed to be haunted at night.

In an area far from the main temples, there is the Seinnyet Ama temple and the pagoda. It is a hollow temple which local people think Queen Seinnyet built it in the 12th century.

The ” Seinnyet Sisters” are twin temples that stand together in a brick enclosure. The locals believe the twin queen sisters guard the temple and the pagoda.

Few temples in Bagan are twins. Strangely, questions still remains about who really built the temples? Why do people call them Sein Nyet sisters? Are they built at the same time or one after another because one of the temple is blocking the other’s front?

So these two temples are the two most popular strange temples which are popular on social media. If you want to know some more, check out the complete list of what to do when you are in Bagan. Also, here are some budget hotels that locals recommend if you plan to go to Bagan on a budget trip. If you have been there recently, share us your experience below!

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