9 Exotic Places to visit in Bagan during your trip

Where to see sunset in Bagan

So, you are planning to explore the exotic beauty of Bagan? Well, temples and sunset are not the only places to visit and see. There is actually much more interesting and exotic places to visit in Bagan. Here in this article, I will highlight 9 exotic places to visit in Bagan with your family or love during your trip. So, let’s begin our journey.

1. Visit Nyaunglaphet Lake

Nyaunglaphet lake from NyaungU

This lake is actually a sunset spot for tourists who love to take sunset photos with the lake. Because, high above a hill, you will see visitors waiting for the perfect sunset. And here is the location for Naunglaphet Lake. By the way, this lake view is also a fascinating place to spot hot air balloons flying over Bagan.

2. Go to Set Set Yo Village, the beauty of remote rural

Children with traditional hairstyles

This village is one of the exotic places to visit in Bagan where you can still see ancient culture in people’s lifestyle. Children still have ancient top knot hairstyles. You need to travel for 5.4 miles from Nyaung-Oo-Kyauk Padaung road to Byetta Panhsat Road. You will see the village name board on the left.

3. Try exotic palm juice of the Bagan dry zone

Exotic Palm Juice/Wine to try near Bagan

Palm juice/wine is collected from palm trees using clay pots and sold in shops near Bagan. This is a bit alcoholic when it is stored longer. The strong one is in the clay pot in the left of the image. The sweet one on the right is just collected from the tree a few minutes ago. Be careful if you want to try the sweet one, because it makes you want to poop if you drink too much.

4. Visit Seinnyet Nyima, a fascinating temple at the Bagan entrance

Seinnyet-Nyima-temples are twin temples with beautiful architecture

Seinnyet Nyima is one of my favorite temples to shoot photos during the day. Because the architecture on the temple walls is astonishing. Some say that this temple is haunted at night. But trust me, it’s totally safe. Here is the location of Seinnyet Nyima Temple.

5. Soe Min Gyi Pagoda, another exotic place to visit in Bagan

Soe-Min-Gyi-Pagoda-in-Bagan 2
Monastery and a temple are in the same compound

This is another temple not far from the previous one. There is also an ancient monastery built for monks for studying religious teachings. Inside the brick temple, you can see a Buddha statue. When you reach the monastery, you will see the Pagoda in the same compound.
Here is the map location for Soe Min Gyi Pagoda.

6. Minnanthu Village, an exotic place of tranquility

Remote and Exotic Minnanthu Village

The village is quite remote from the core Bagan palace area but it is worth it to travel. Because this is where the king’s relatives live. Again this is an awesome place to enjoy solitude and study Bagan’s ancient civilization. Great sightseeing too! Here is the location for Minnanthu Village.

7. Dhamayan Gyi Temple with unusual history

Dhamayan Gyi Temple of Bagan

This again is another place you can see exotic architecture and a beautiful sunset. The building architecture is one of the finest in Bagan and the building is also massive. Some chambers in this temple are not allowed for entry since ancient times. This temple was constructed to atone the guilt of King Narathu in the 12th century who committed patricide. The map location of Dhamayan Gyi is here.

8. Boat trip along Ayeyarwady River

Bagan Boat Trip In Ayeyarwady

Buu Pagoda is claimed to be he oldest pagoda in Bagan. Jetty near Buu Pagoda is the most common jetty for river cruise. Before going for boat trip you can explore this area around the Pagoda for few snacks to bring for your boat trip.

9. Mount Popa, the extinct volcano

Exotic Mount Popa near Bagan

This mountain is an extinct volcano with 1518 meters (4981 feet) above sea level. This is a place for people who love hiking. It will take a half day to travel here from Bagan. To reach the summit, it will take a bit more time but it brings a peaceful and rewarding experience when you reach the mountain top. So if you have some extra time, I would say it is worth it.

Alright. These are the exotic places to visit in Bagan that I recommend. There is more to do in Bagan and here is a list of 21 things to do in Bagan if you have more time. If you know any other exotic places around Bagan, drop your comments below.

Here is the bonus part. Before you go, here is a list of things you should bring to Bagan;

  • Your travel documents such as passport and visa (Copies are also fine)
  • Sun Lotion with a good SPF to take care of your skin
  • An umbrella or hat to stand the heat of the dry zone
  • Travel and health insurance
  • Mosquito repellent if you plan to stay late outside
  • Medicines especially if you want to try local foods
  • Some US dollars and Myanmar Currency if possible
  • Electronics such as camera, phone, and power bank
  • Myanmar traditional costume if you want to shoot nice photos
  • Last But not least “Keen Awareness”, don’t trust everyone and ask the price before whatever you buy

For more details of what you should be bringing to Bagan, I will cover in another post. Please feel free to share this article if you find it useful.

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