eBike Riding in Bagan

how to ride ebike in bagan

Ebikes are just like normal motorbikes but they run on batteries. They are much lighter but the speed is almost the same as a fuel motorbike. Let’s talk about ebike riding in Bagan.

Normally most hotels in Bagan have ebikes to rent. The bikes are mostly from the outside. The rate is mostly charged by person rather than the bike. If you are two people riding the same bike, the charge is mostly double than single person.

Things you need to check before riding an ebike.

sandy road to minnathu village

1. Most of the ebikes are not new but you are lucky you can get a new ebike. So try to choose a new one.
2. Make sure the ebike has rear view mirror. Because most of the visitors who do ebike riding in Bagan doesn’t know they need one.
3. Beware of the sand. If you are not used to riding bikes, even a small sand spot beside the road can make your bike slip.
4. Make sure the battery is full. Most ebike service or the hotel has replacement service on call, you should check the battery anyway.
5. Avoid going too far especially if you are alone. Bagan is a large area, chances are that you might end up getting lost especially if you are alone and riding the bike in the dark road is not good.

Things you should do before riding on an ebike!

1. Put on sun lotion. You will notice your skin get darker in a day! The weather is very hot even in September when the rain ends.
2. Buy a bag. The traditional bags are sold at almost every souvenir shops. The bags are light and you can put your phone, camera, lotion, power bank or whatever you need.
3. Buy a local made hat. The hat is most useful when you ride on an ebike. Make sure to choose the hat with the strip so it doesn’t fall off when riding.

Other options to explore apart from ebikes

There are other options to explore Bagan.

  1. Some people prefer to ride normal bikes or even on foot.
  2. There are two horse options available; 1. The horse cart or 2. Just a horse with a saddle to ride on its back. Few people ever had the experience about the second option. If you are an experience horse rider, you should try horse riding. The experience is awesome especially in the evenings!
  3. Hot air balloons are also best for sunrise views. You can try these on early foggy mornings as the sun rise and the fogs disappears with the sun rays on the ancient temples. The view is just mesmerizing.
  4. Easiest and most boring way is by car. But this option ensures that you visit all the most famous temples within a day. But if you like to wander among lesser known temples and ruins, this option is a no.

Luckily if you visit Bagan in late September and October, the weather is cooler. You can enjoy not only ebike riding but also all sorts of options since the weather is cool and sun is not too hot yet. I have a guide for you about how to travel to Bagan in rainy season.

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