Can you visit Bagan during Covid-19 Pandemic?

Visiting Bagan during Covid19

Bagan is always a good place to visit in Myanmar for all year. But can you visit Bagan during pandemic?

In summer, it’s a bit hot but the dry zone benefit from big shady trees. You can ride an e-bike and rest under the trees when you get tired. If you want to avoid heat, better not visit in summer.

In rainy season, the scenery is very pleasant with green plants. The ground is not dusty and you can get amazing photos with rainbows.

In winter, you can wear a thicker shirt and visit temples, enjoy the beauty of sunrise and sunset among the hot air balloons.

If you want to travel to Bagan during Covid-19 pandemic, keep note of the following details.

  1. Most hotels near New Bagan are open under strict monitoring by the ministry of health.
  2. The temples are no longer crowded like before. So it is very pleasant to travel with an e-bike and also a perfect time for great photos.
  3. Some temples are closed and some are open. Shwe Si Khone Pagoda is open. Swal Taw Lay Su temple is not open yet. Most temples are open from 9 AM to 4 PM everyday.
  4. Only a few restaurants are open. You can try some traditional restaurants in the New Bagan zone.
  5. The weather can be a bit hot on sunny days but it is mostly pleasant. You can bring light clothing
  6. Most of the toddy palm juice shops such as Paing palm shop are now open again. You can capture great photos with the palm trees while enjoying the traditional toddy palm juice.
  7. As far as we know these hotels are verified by ministry of health and open during Covid-19;
  • Amata Boutique House
  • Areindmar Hotel
  • Aureum Hotel
  • Heritage Hotel
  • Regency Hotel
  • Royal Palace
  • Shwe Nadi Guest House
  • Sky Palace Hotel

Large temples such as Ananda and Dhamayangyi temples are not open yet.

We recommend that you travel to Bagan by own car during this pandemic. If you want to know anything, please leave in the comments. But as always, wash your hands often, avoid the crowd and wear the mask wherever you go. Bring enough masks and hand sanitizer. So I think I have answered your question if you can visit Bagan during pandemic.

If you need to book hotels in advance, you can find a list of hotels in Bagan from Agoda.

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