Haunted Temple in Bagan

Find Haunted Temples in Bagan

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Every temple in Bagan has an interesting history. There are so many myth surrounding the haunted temples in Bagan on social media. Let’s explore about temples with an unusual history which people think it is haunted. Some photographers report that they accidentally capture the images of ancient general or some ghost in a photo taken […]

clean and cheap hotel to stay in Bagan

Clean and Cheap Hotels in Bagan

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When we choose a hotel in Bagan, hotels in old Bagan area are most expensive followed by hotels in New Bagan and Nyaung U which is usually the affordable zone. But there is no need to worry for finding some cheap and clean hotels in Bagan. Golden Crown Motel (Cheap and best location in town) […]

how to ride ebike in bagan

eBike Riding in Bagan

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Ebikes are just like normal motorbikes but they run on batteries. They are much lighter but the speed is almost the same as a fuel motorbike. Let’s talk about ebike riding in Bagan. Normally most hotels in Bagan have ebikes to rent. The bikes are mostly from the outside. The rate is mostly charged by […]